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Boss Chick of the Month: Erica Soscia

I’m back with another amazing woman to tell you about, Miss October: Erica Soscia.

Erica has been a student of mine since August 2016 (she’s another one of my Day Ones) and has also become a friend. Erica is the kind of person that will go out of her way to help out a friend, regardless of how long she has known you. Let me tell you a story about Miss Erica:

About a month ago, a friend and fellow Boss Chick was in the process of moving to the West Coast. This friend has 2 cats that she loves dearly and was having difficulty

figuring out how she would transport herself and both cats to Oregon within airline

policies. Erica offered to help her out by...wait for it...accompanying her to Oregon so

that she can carry one of the cats with her. I was floored partly because that’s a cross

country trip but also because they had only been friends a couple of months. Looking

back that is “so Erica” and one should not be surprised.

Erica has been a great support to me over the last year, putting me in contact with

opportunities that have helped me boost my business. She tells ALL her friends about Boss Chick resulting in many referrals. Regardless of what’s going on in her life, Erica has taken time to help others. She is a vibrant, Italian-American, vegan rockstar who will “tell it like it is” and be down for you when times get tough. I am happy to have her in my life and happy she has embraced Boss Chick for what it provides from a fitness perspective but also the mission of woman empowerment and sisterhood.

Interview with Boss Chick Erica!

1 Where are you from? East Greenwich, RI

2 What do you do for a living? International Finance - Sales

3 What do you like most about The Boss Chick Dance Workout with

Portia? The music! Also the connnection and camraderie of friends and

community that is so unique to Boss Chick.

4 What are your favorite Boss Chick routines? Intentions (a.k.a. Whine and

Touch) by Erphaan Alves and Skelewu Remix by Davido and Major Lazer

5 What motivates you to prioritize exercise in your life? My health. I was

always very inconsistent with my workouts, especially cardio. After going to Boss

Chick for a little over a year, it is the first time in my life I consistently did cardio.

As a result, I feel better than I ever have. I am not as tired as I used to be, I eat

less and overall just have more energy.

6 Any advice for a woman reading this? Understand the principle of

surrender. After we have done all we can do and we have tried our best, we have

to release it to the universe or God or whatever you believe in. As clearly, there

are bigger plans that lie ahead for us.

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