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Boss Chick of the Month: Indigo Young

Welcome to March! As we begin to prepare for Spring's arrival (assuming Winter decides to leave us alone and let us be great), it is time to introduce you to another amazing Boston Boss Chick. Boss Chicks and gentlemen on the interweb, meet Miss March, Indigo Young. Indigo attended her first Boss Chick class almost 1 year ago back in April of 2017. A regular attendee of Zumba class, Indigo picked up the choreography well and would every now and then drop by a BCDW class. Though I definitely knew her by name, smile and how she always killed the choreography (in a good way) from the beginning, it was late last year that I really noticed the light and spirit in this amazing woman.

One of my favorite interactions with Indigo happened before class about a month ago. The story begins with a situation I'm sure all of us can relate to. You manage to get yourself out of bed, pack a gym bag, make it through work and finally to the studio when you realize, you didn't pack half your workout clothes. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It's the plight of a Boss Chick. This happened to Indigo recently. Nevertheless, Indigo pulled it together and was able to step out of her comfort zone, put the mishap behind her, and get in a good workout. I'm always happy to see my students get out of their heads and focus on just having a good time. In a way it lets me know that the safe environment I hope to foster does exist. That day is one that definitely made me smile.

I once thought of Indigo as the quiet, nice, somewhat shy woman who would come to class every now and then for a change in her workout. I now know the hilarious (really, her InstaStories have me cracking up), kind, confident and a bomb ass dancer she is. Other students in class have noticed and commented on her opening up to the Boss Chick community the last 6 months confirming in my mind why she is an excellent choice for Boss Chick of the Month. I am grateful to have her as a student and for sharing her joy in class week after week! Thank you Indigo for being a boss!

For more about Miss March, see my interview with her below!

Interview with Boss Chick Indigo!

  1. Where are you from? Phoenix, AZ

  2. What do you do for a living? Speech-Language Pathologist

  3. What do you like about the Boss Chick Dance Workout with Portia? I love dancing as a form of self-care and adore the playlists and the choreography, but the community Portia has built within the classes makes it one of my favorite and most affirming places to be in Boston.

  4. What is your favorite routine(s)? Gyal You a Party Animal (DJ BrainDead Remix) by Charly Black and Run Up (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj) by Major Lazer

  5. What motivates you to prioritize exercise in your life? Regular exercise is important for both my physical and mental health. Also, I choose forms of exercise that are fun so that I look forward to it.

  6. Any advice you would have for a woman reading this? It's okay to divest your time and energy from people and communities who take without giving, and reinvest in yourself.

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