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Boss Chick of the Month: Naomi Fields

I am so thrilled to announce the April Boss Chick of the Month, Miss Naomi Fields. Naomi truly displays what it means to be a Boss Chick both in class and out of class. Though Naomi was introduced to Boss Chick when I had only been teaching for a month or so (shout out to you for those 2-student classes you endured), life happened and there was a long break between her visits. One day after almost a year of not having Naomi in class, she signs up and the tada! Here we are.

One thing I noticed about Naomi from day 1 was how much of an amazing dancer she is. The more she came to class, the more I hoped she’d find interest in becoming an instructor. This month, Naomi did become a licensed Head Instrucror for the Boss Chick Dance Workout and I couldn’t be more proud.

Not only does Naomi slay on the dance floor, this young lady is preparing to enter Med School in Fall 2018! Naomi is a shining example of when beauty, brains, talent and a Boss attitude meets. The sky isn’t even the limit for her, there are none. Thank you Naomi for being awesome and for supporting me.

Read more about Miss April below!

Interview with Boss Chick Naomi!

  1. Where are you from? Miami, Florida

  2. What do you do for a living? I work as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital in preparation to matriculate to medical school during Fall 2018.

  3. What do you like most about the Boss Chick Dance Workout with Portia? I love that Portia cultivates a space in which women of all shades and shapes can come together and revel in the parts of ourselves that we often must stifle during day-to-day life. In that space, I'm reminded that I am powerful, sexy, and amazing, no matter what happened that day or what's coming up next.

  4. What are your 2 favorite routines? Only 2?!?!?! Literal tears...I'll go with Don't Be Shy and Finesse

  5. What motivates you to prioritize exercise in your life? Life is not necessarily short, but each day that we have is precious. I prioritize exercise as a means of appreciating what my body does for me day in & day out. Making time to sweat forces me to prioritize my relationship with myself, even when life gets demanding! As a future Black woman MD, it's also important that I "walk the walk" (or perhaps “twerk the twerk”...) and model the behaviors that I will encourage in my future patients.

  6. Do you have any advice for a woman reading this interview? You’ll never go wrong when you make the choice to invest in yourself. Take the time to figure out what truly feeds you, and give yourself even a small bit of those gifts every day!

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