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Boss Chick of the Month: Naomi Fields

I am so thrilled to announce the April Boss Chick of the Month, Miss Naomi Fields. Naomi truly displays what it means to be a Boss Chick both in class and out of class. Though Naomi was introduced to Boss Chick when I had only been teaching for a month or so (shout out to you for those 2-student classes you endured), life happened and there was a long break between her visits. One day after almost a year of not having Naomi in class, she signs up and the tada! Here we are.

One thing I noticed about Naomi from day 1 was how much of an amazing dancer she is. The more she came to class, the more I hoped she’d find interest in becoming an instructor. This month, Naomi did become a licensed Head Instrucror for the Boss Chick Dance Workout and I couldn’t be more proud.

Not only does Naomi slay on the dance floor, this young lady is preparing to enter Med School in Fall 2018! Naomi is a shining example of when beauty, brains, talent and a Boss attitude meets. The sky isn’t even the limit for her, there are none. Thank you Naomi for being awesome and for supporting me.

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