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Boss Chick of the Month: Shamika Rucker

Hola Boss Chicks! It’s time to resume our Boss Chick of the Month acknowledgements. If you Google “Life of the Party” you are sure to see our July Boss Chick of the Month, Shamika. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class and is an all-around amazing woman. I first met Shamika at a reception. My husband and I were seated at the same table with Shamika and as I was floating around, catching up with people I know, my husband and Shamika struck up a conversation. Long story short we all ended up enjoying the table conversation and my husband decided to slide in the little fact that I teach “twerk fitness”. The rest is history LOL!

Shamika’s first class was in October and she barely managed to get through the entire class. Nevertheless, after class and to my surprise, she bought a 5-Class pass! Woo Whoo! A 5-Class pass means commitment. Shamika says “I like to try to support people. Even if I don’t come back”. LOL. Well 31 classes later (YES she’s been to 32 classes!), you can find Shamika front row, to my left, killing the choreography.

Over the past several months, Shamika has become one of the community organizers of the group, often suggesting celebrations to recognize student milestones and brunches after Saturday workouts. She greets and jokes with new students, ensuring them that their twerking will get better over time. She’s provided me with valuable feedback on how I can improve the class at the time when I was trying to grow. She’s brought in many referrals and is like the Boss Chick Police, dragging students back into class after a missing a week or two, no matter where she runs into them (eh hem Legal’s). Shamika truly embodies what The Boss Chick Dance Workout is about and the type of vibe I want for my classes. I am very grateful to have this woman in my life and thank her for continued support and spirit!

Interview with Boss Chick Shamika:

1 Where are you from? Augusta, GA

2 What do you do for a living? Engineer

3 What do you like most about The Boss Chick Dance Workout with

Portia? The energy that Portia brings is infectious and the camaraderie among

the ladies has led to friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime.

4 What are your favorite Boss Chick routines? Johnny by Yemi Alade and

Gyal You a Party Animal (DJ BrainDeaD Remix) by Charly Black

5 What motivates you to prioritize exercise in your life? I prioritize

exercise in my life partly because I lost my mother when she was age 42 to a

massive heart attack. Obesity and diabetes are also prevalent in my family.

Exercise has also become a way [for me] to relieve stress. I enjoy the look of my

body and the energy it give me.

6 Any advice for a woman reading this? Trust your instincts in relationships

with people, money and your career.

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