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Boss Chick of the Month: Zoila Cabrera

New for The Boss Chick Dance Workout with Portia is the celebration of a "Boss Chick of the Month". One woman per month will be celebrated for her dedication to fitness, energy in class and interactions with other students. Recognized Boss Chicks will receive a 3-class pass, profile on The Boss Chick Dance Workout with Portia social media pages, and a small gift as a token of my appreciation.

Now, without further ado… I’d like to introduce to you Miss May: Zoila Cabrera! You may be wondering how I selected the first Boss Chick to recognize. It was August 20, 2016 and I was getting ready to teach my very first Boss Chick class (actually my very 1st group fitness class ever). The regularly scheduled 11am class was cancelled and the Z Spot Ambassador at reception asked if I had space in case some of their students were interested. Five women decided to join my event, including Zoila. She stood next to me, on my right. I was very nervous and unsure of how people would receive my teaching style and the format. To my surprise, however, Zoila picked up the choreography immediately which helped me to relax a little and enjoy the moment.

Since that day Zoila has attended the most classes of all my students. She has been there when I taught only 2 people on a Monday night to teaching almost 30 on a

Saturday morning. Sometimes her energy carries me through class on particularly

difficult days. Other students recognize her dedication and talent. Zoila truly embodies what The Boss Chick Dance Workout is all about. Thank you so much for your support!

Interview with Boss Chick Zoila:

1. Where are you from? Boston, MA

2. What do you do for a living? I’m an HRIS Specialist II

3. What do you like about the Boss Chick Dance Workout? The Boss Chick

Dance Workout provides me an opportunity to let loose and enjoy a variety of urban

dance and Caribbean routines unlike other programs. More importantly, BCDW creates a sisterhood!

4. What is your favorite routine(s)? Purple Lamborghini and Skelewu

5. Fun fact about Zoila (I snuck this one in). She is licensed to teach Zumba

6. What motivates you to prioritize exercise in your life? Two factors motivate

my decision to exercise. First is the desire to stay active as I continue to age. Secondly I want to look and feel good in whatever I wear. Overall who wouldn’t want to look like J Lo at 47?!

7. Any advice you would have for a woman reading this? Finding time to

provide self-care is always difficult but necessary. Fitness has a place in our busy lives so let’s make it fun. I’d say ladies give this dance fitness program a shot and don’t be afraid of a good ole twerkout!

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